Who I am and why I’m here

How are things on your endThat title sounds like I’m going to get all philosophical and deep, doesn’t it? Well, you can relax because that’s not what I’m going to do. I’m taking a WordPress “Blogging 101” online course and the first assignment is to answer a series of questions. For those like me, who have been writing a blog for a while, it is an opportunity to look back on what we’ve already written, think about why we started a blog, what we have accomplished and what we hope to do in the next year.

Who I am – I’m a 65 year old single (divorced) woman. I have a 38 year old unmarried son who lives in New Jersey and is a web developer for The Blaze media network. I retired after 22 years in social services (10 years in retail sales and management prior to that) and I have lived in Florida since 1993. I love animals and currently share my home with a 2/12 year old female beagle mix named Liberty. I live a quiet life – spend most of my time reading, writing, drawing, listening to talk radio, watching TV, doing some volunteer work and getting together with friends. I still haven’t met the love of my life but, I’m not dead yet!

Why I’m here (in the blogosphere) – I started this blog over 4 years ago, right after I retired. I got the idea from the instructor of a writing class I took (author, teacher, book coach and publisher Michael Ray King) – he said everyone who has a book they want to market should write a blog. I gave my blog the same title as my first book Try Lots of Hats (somehow it ended up with the url “take a personal inventory” due to a mistake I made while setting up the blog!). Aside from hoping to promote my book and greeting cards, I also wanted to document my “reinvention” journey. Writing has always been a way to clarify my thoughts and process my feelings so this blog has been a natural extention of my lifelong habit of journaling. When you’re blogging about your feelings, thoughts and experiences you don’t know if anyone will be interested so I’ve been surprised and honored to have gained 74 followers along the way. One of the things I hope to learn from “Blogging 101” is how to attract more followers and encourage comments. Writing can be lonely – that’s why authors love it when people buy their books (it’s not all about the money!) and bloggers love to get feedback from their followers.

As part of this assignment I went back and read my first few posts and I was pleased to see that I have continued to change and grow in the last 4+ years. I’m glad to know that I haven’t stopped learning and having new experiences just because I retired from the “working world”. My biggest changes have occurred in the areas of political views and religion – something that would have amazed me 4 years ago. My goal from the beginning was to be as honest and authentic in my writing as possible and, dear readers, that is something I will strive to continue as I share my life with you. I’ve discovered that when I’m honest with you it helps me stay in touch with the “real” me.

Christmas 2015

Liberty in deep undercover mode

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