Me and Liberty July 2014I attended the School of Visual Arts in NYC but ended up with a career in retail management and social services – go figure! I use colored pencils and brush tip markers to create my art and I like to focus on positive, inspirational, and light-hearted messages.

I got some very positive feedback about my book “Try Lots of Hats” from friends in social services – apparently they find it to be useful when working with their young female clients. I  retired in 2011 after 22 years in social services (plus 10 years in retail management) and it is great to be able to continue to help people in a different way.

I’m really enjoying my “reinvention” – drawing, learning, reading, writing, spending time with friends. It’s great to have the time and personal freedom to be able to explore whatever interests me! I published a collection of personal  stories called “Velvet Ropes: The Ties That Bind Mothers and Daughters”. My artwork is available on greeting cards and other items through my website www.lyndalinke.com.  My first attempt at a mystery “Finding the Truth”  is available through Amazon/Kindle.

I have always loved animals and currently share my home with Liberty, a female beagle mix I adopted in 2014. Liberty and I volunteer with Haven Hospice and PAWS to Read and she recently passed the tests to become registered with Alliance of Therapy Dogs, Inc.

Thanks for visiting my blog,


sittin on a dock of the bay 5-10-15

Sittin’ on a dock of the bay


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