Walks With My Dog

early morning walk 7-16-17I’ve been watching a charming BBC series called “Walks With My Dog”, which features several British celebrities and their dogs walking through some spectacular landscapes in England, Scotland and Wales. The hosts tell us historical, geological and botanical information about the areas in which they are walking – and, of course, introduce us to their four-legged friends and tell us what makes them so special.

Walking is a popular pass-time in the UK and there are miles and miles of national trails along the coasts, through the Yorkshire Dales, the Cotswold’s, the Lake District, and many other beautiful places. If you’d like to plan a walking vacation in the UK, or if you’re just an arm-chair traveler http://www.nationaltrail.co.uk/ is a great site to visit. One of my English uncles was an avid “rambler” who often set off with his back pack for a weekend walk. He would stop at pubs and inns along the way – some that could only be reached from the walking trails.

Liberty and I won’t be walking the national trails in the UK but watching “Walks With My Dog” made me think about all the miles we have walked together in the three years since I adopted her. We have walked along beaches on both the east and west coasts of Florida, through wooded trails beside waterfalls in the mountains of North Carolina, on riverwalks and around lakes. We have walked through old-fashioned downtown neighborhoods and state parks in Georgia. The town where we live has many nice walking paths and we walk on one of them every day – along the Intracoastal Waterway, through wooded areas, or the path that runs right behind my property. Ft. DeSoto dog beach 6-15-16

For many years my mother walked with me and my dogs and I have walked with friends but, I have to agree with something all the hosts of “Walks With My Dog” said “there is something very special about walking with your dog”. They all mentioned a “spiritual” feeling they experience when walking with their dogs that they don’t feel when walking alone or with another person. I can relate to that because Liberty not only expresses pure joy and excitement about going for a walk but, she also keeps me attuned to my surroundings. I tend to become absorbed in my thoughts but she brings me into the present moment because she notices and is interested in everything. There is no talking to distract me so I am more aware. Aside from all that, she gives me the simple joy of quiet companionship and unconditional love – and she gets my lazy butt off the couch!

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