I’m still learning from Mom

Java Joint 4-11-17While we were out for a walk on Monday, May 15, my Mom fell and fractured her hip. We found out later that, during the fall, she also had a heart attack. After 24 hours in the ER she was moved to the ICU, where she stayed for 5 days as the medical team worked to stabilize her heart, lungs and kidneys. May 15 was another example for me of how quickly your life can change and how important it is to never take anything for granted.

For the first 6 days I spent 8 hours a day at the hospital – 4-5 hours in the morning and another 3-4 in the evening so that I could go home and let Liberty out of her crate for a couple of hours. Mom was in a lot of pain but could not be cleared for surgery on her hip because of her heart and overall condition. By the middle of that week I was afraid she was going to die and then, miraculously, she slowly began to rally. Her strong character began to surface and her condition improved to the point where she was moved to PCU and was finally cleared for surgery, which she had on May 23. Three days later she was moved to a rehab facility to begin the long process of recovery. She has been there for 10 days now and has made amazing progress in her daily physical therapy sessions.

Mom at Jump Off Rock, Hendersonville 5-2017

Mom on a recent trip to the mountains

Throughout my life Mom has taught me a lot, not only with words, but also by her example, and I’m continuing to learn from her in this new situation. She is an independent person who prides herself on being in control of her life and she lost all of that in an instant. Aside from a couple of rough patches, she has shown cheerfulness and gratitude to all her caregivers and to me. She has kept her good sense of humor. She has accepted her current situation but, is not resigned to it – and that’s a big difference. She has shown determination in her physical therapy sessions and, as a result, she is growing stronger and more confident each day.

As soon as she’s ready, she’ll be coming to my house for the remainder of her recovery. I feel very blessed to still have my Mom and be able to care for her but, I know this new situation will be a challenge for each of us. She will be dependent on me for many things and I know this will bother her because she doesn’t like to be a “burden” to me. We’re both people who need to have our own space and alone time so I’ve been making my guest room into a comfortable escape for her. It will be a big adjustment for me, not only being her caregiver but, also sharing my home with her because I’ve been living alone for so many years. I’ve become accustomed to doing whatever I choose and coming and going as I please. I think the best way for me to deal with this change is to follow Mom’s lead – with cheerfulness, gratitude, humor and strength of character.

Youth is a gift of nature. Age is a work of art.

Liberty & Nanny 4-11-17

Liberty and her “Nanny”

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7 comments on “I’m still learning from Mom

  1. luahr2000aolcom says:

    Oh my goodness Lynda!! I am so sorry about your mom’s accident!! I am grateful she is bouncing back so well- she is a very strong woman indeed!!!! I know there will be temporary adjustments in your life while caring for your mom, but I know that you realize how rewarding it can be too. She has a great-grandbaby to look forward to- that should get her up and hopping real soon!!! 🙂 Many prayers going out to both of you for wellness and a speedy recovery!!

  2. harrogate50 says:

    Thank you, Karen!

  3. Rena says:

    Both you & Brenda are very capable, positive, loving & lovable beings. I am impressed with you both. Major hugs & what Karen said, too. Liberty will be a big help, too. ❤

    • harrogate50 says:

      Thank you! Very kind words 🙂 Mom & I feel blessed and grateful that, after only 3 weeks in rehab, she’ll be discharged on Friday.

  4. Brenda Catton says:

    Hi Lynda just got your card this afternoon sorry to hear about your mum we wondered if something was wrong Ian has rung a few times and of course no answer as we know now. We were wondering how to get in touch with you as we don’t have your contact details went online and found your blog saying about your mum hope she gets better soon. Ian will let his everyone know please let us know how how things are going with your mum if you can send her our love and we will be in touch great news about Zac getting married and a new addition to the family in August bye for now brenda and Ian xx

  5. harrogate50 says:

    Thank you Brenda & Ian! I will send you a personal email very soon with more info. Mom is at my house now & we are doing very well 🙂

    • Brenda Catton says:

      Thank you Lynda for getting back to me glad to hear your Mom and your self are keeping well. Yes please it would good if you could keep us up to date with how things are doing by email. Bye for now Brenda x

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